Orbit - Limitless Crypto Wagering

Crypto Wagering with no limits

Peer-to-peer wagering with no house where you control the risk and a player always wins.

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Welcome to the future of gambling.

A player always wins

With us, there is never an instance where the house takes everyone's money.

Equal chance of winning for all

All players have an equal chance of winning with transparent odds.

Immediate payouts guaranteed

Each jackpot is secured prior to determining the winner and paid out immediately.

No bankroll means no limits

Players cover the upside per ring removing any limits imposed by a bankroll.

How it works

Rings are groups of players where each stakes ETH to go into the running to win the lot.


Create or join a ring

Rings have set parameters that dictate the odds each player has of winning and how much each is required to stake to buy-in.


Stake ETH to buy-in

Send ETH to the contract to buy-in to a ring and be in the running to win the sum of ETH committed as a jackpot.


Winner paid out instantly

Buy more sectors on a ring to increase your chances of winning.


Spin when full

When a ring is complete, any player can spin it to determine a winner.


ETH referral rewards

Invite your friends and earn 20% of any of the fees they generate.


Increase your chances

Buy more sectors on a ring to increse your chances of winning.

Community Reward

2% of total platform volume is retained to benefit the community. This is done to incentivise;

  • User growth through referrals
  • Platform maintenance
  • Product development
  • Player retention

Referral Rewards

Earn 20% of the fees generated by players you refer.

A portion of the fees retained by the platform are allocated to incentivising the growth of the community. More players means more liquidity.

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Orbit: The future of gambling

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